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SETIVAL has earned throughout his career a number of awards that support our commitment to Quality and Innovation:

Bancaja Awards as 2009's Best Enterprise Young Entrepreneurs.

Premio Bancaja JóvenescEmprendedores 2009

Best Coperative Award and finalist of Best Company and Best Company for Young Entrepreneurs at 2009's Entrepreneur's Day.

Día del Emprendedor 2009

The award's media coverage has reached Internet portals of entrepreneurship, CEEI Companies, Cooperative magazine, special mentions and forums of IDEAS foundation.


Second prize Valencia Emprende Prize as 2009's Best Business Organization.

Valencia Emprende 2009

Third prize IDEAS Company born from the UPV in 2009.

Second prize Young Company IDEAS 2010.

Valencia Ideas 2010

Bancaja Final Career Awards:

  • Two awards in 2007 to current workers SETIVAL designers for the project Reiver I in 2007.
  • Two awards to designers by CONECTRA-TDT in 2009. News in press.

Tecatel Award for best project in the CONECTRA TDT-TDT project, awarded in 2009. News in press.

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