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E-learning Consulting


SETIVAL offers services related to e-learning under the name SAMOO.
You can see more details in the SAMOO's web page.

Virtual Campus

Our New Technologies department offers a wide range of learning-related technologies ("Technology Enhanced Learning”).
We study the e-learning needs of your company or organization has and will provide appropriate solutions and customized to your event, whether an SME or a small training academy to a great university or government agency, we have the right products for your needs .

We provide installation, configuration, maintenance and support for learning management platforms (LMS) that fit their needs (see products section) as well as hosting their own content and courses in our own LMS.
We are experts in SAKAI skid Virtual Campus, also working on other platforms (Dokeos ...). We develop and integrations on these platforms in various business models to suit your needs.

Content development

We can help you develop the course content and provide training in aspects of e-learning.

  1. Migration, layout and content adaption
  2. Own courses and approved courses offer
  3. Creation of multimedia courses
  4. Course creation with Author Reiven tool
  5. Adaptation of content to mobile formats,PC, PDA, TDT

Own courses

We offer courses in Management under SGS-Deusto chair, with ECTS credits approved, on a virtual campus in Sakai.  

  • Quality Management in Organizations
  • Security Management System ISO 27001 Information and Data Protection Act
  • A practical view of the Data Protection Act and RD 1720/2007
  • Ethical Hacking

Approved courses

In accordance with various content providers, we offer courses in a wide range of subjects approved for the Virtual Campus that we manage.

  • Banking
  • Design
  • Business Strategy
  • Finance
  • Business Managementl
  • Management skills
  • Languajes
  • Marketing and sales
  • Rules
  • New technologies
  • Computer office
  • Prevention and environmental
  • Programming
  • Human resources
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