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FACT24 - The alarm service and crisis management

Those companies that are not prepared for crisis situations through appropriate emergency  and alarm plans are risking considerable negative effects, which can reach even the loss of their capacity to act: FACT24 supports you effectively in the prevention, alarm and crisis management, and in subsequent treatment, both regionally, nationally and internationally.

Services. What FACT24 Does?
Reduce the impact of critical situations from the beginning and not let it become serious crises or disasters. Through FACT24 can inform or alarm to all the technicians and managers to quickly and securely hold spontaneous conference calls or activate, if necessary, a line information quickly. Also offers a service for exchanging information with all key people in real time as well as subscribe to receive messages relevant news content via an RSS feed.

Functional principle. How works FACT24?
From the first minutes the alarm can be given safely to hundreds of people through a variety of terminal equipment and combined in a conference call or exchanging documents, information and data in real time. Companies and public organizations to use FACT24 not require any additional component hardware or software, are sufficient telephone or a computer with Internet access.

The family of products. FACT24 product variants
Retain the ability to act in cases of emergency and crisis service alarm and crisis management FACT24 helps you achieve this with its diverse product variants.

FACT24 Benefits
FACT24 benefits offered many advantages, especially compared to the manual phone plans or even against the use of systems purchased.

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More information http://www.f24.com.

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