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Innovation Management and R&D


The standard UNE 166002 is dedicated to the management of research, development and innovation within an organization.
This rule is intended to provide guidance to effectively organize and manage R & D + i, also offers internally or externally assess the adequacy of its system of management of R + D + i.

The objective of this process is to promote and systematize the R + D + i of the business landscape, providing guidelines to define, implement, organize and effectively manage the system, maintenance and continuous improvement, making sure not to miss activities capable of generating patents and obtaining benefits or aid.

Benefits of implementing the UNE 166002


  • Competitive advantage over other companies. Improved corporate reputation and prestige.
  •   Lets get the "excellence in research, development and innovation."
  •   Provides a means to keep generating activities proprietary technologies and patents that generate additional benefits
  •   Access to major tax relief
  •   It has become a requirement at the time to participate in national / international.

The service we offer includes:

  •     Audit their R & D + i for modeling projects and their costs and optimize resources.
  •     Develop the R + D + i to encourage it and make the most of it.
  •     Prepare the box for the monitoring of management projects.
  •     Advise to get grants for their projects.
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